Friday, August 12, 2016

~Lean In~

I asked my sister Jan for a Zentangle to post with the blog this week and this is the one she sent me. She calls this "Lean In" - Lean in to a challenge and you may be surprised at what you discover on the other side...

I liked the sentiment that goes with Jan's tangle. It emotes possibilities of overcoming any situation or circumstances. It also reminded me of my recent posts on Instagram and Twitter and I thought I'd share them here.


The rest of the post says "Tears are also a beautiful reflection of love over a lifetime." If you are on the verge of tears - let them flow. They cleanse and release stress and emotions that may hinder us from giving our best on any given day."


The rest of this post says "Don't wear yourself out trying to fix everyone's problems. Be sensitive to your own needs while preserving your peace of mind."

My post from Twitter today. Dedication has everything to do with us staying the course, no matter how many trials and tribulations that may come our way. My mantra is "Do your best, no regrets!"

Jan's comments prompted me to think of these 3 posts. They all have a different theme, but are critical experiences in life that are universal. We all cry, we all love and we are devoted to those in our life that we love. 

Each of us has a choice in how we process and perceive life. Our perspective, perception, outlook and attitude have everything to do with who we attract in life and how our life unfolds. We may feel powerless in our life at times and experience having no control in how our life unfolds, and there is a lot of truth to that. The one thing we do have in life that we own are our thoughts and our actions. Both of those are very powerful choices that present themselves every day. Next time you feel like you are emotionally overwrought and weary, take a minute to observe how your are behaving and maybe you will lean in to life in a way you hadn't considered before.

Best Wishes, 

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