ABOUT: Sisters Carole Brecht & Jan Steinle

We’re sisters Carole Brecht and Jan Steinle, née Reisman from Pittsburgh, PA,  partners on social media & in business, focused on the Sandwich Generation.

Like millions of others who began by simply “helping out”, we found ourselves in the role of Caregiver for our parents, which continues to this day. SanGenWoman: The Heart Of The Sandwich Generation is here to support boomers/the Sandwich Generation who are going through the same emotional journey. We are here to “Nurture the Nurturers.”

SanGenWoman Community is a warm and welcoming ~home sweet home~ where people around the globe come together and embrace midlife. We're here to support, inspire, connect and bring calm to your life visually through our Zentangle Art and Words of inspiration. A true collaboration of creatives that have a vision to impact positively and support wholly.

This blog is inspired by You.

SanGenWoman: A place to visit daily while caring for the loved ones in your life.

 ~Where Words Soothe and Ideas & Art Delight~

Both of us feature our Zentangle® Art on SanGenWoman, as well as in our online boutique: TangledArtBoutique.com.  Zentangle is an easy­-to-­learn, relaxing and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We both graduated from the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, and Jan is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) offering Classes and Workshops in the Pittsburgh, Denver and Phoenix areas. 

We believe this art form serves as a perfect metaphor for the multi­-faceted SanGen (Sandwich Generationer) of today.

You inspire us to share the Caregiving Journey in our Unique way ~ visually & verbally ~ the tender spot ~ the silver lining in the journey ~ We hope you experience a strong connection while you visit and subscribe to stay connected. Follow us to be inspired visually, emotionally and communally. Thank you for your devotion to your loved ones. You are doing an amazing job & thank you for embracing this community as your own!

Carole & Jan

Contact: Carole Brecht cbrecht4@gmail.com

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