The Sandwich Generation is dealing with critical life decisions, being patient advocates, receiving Power of Attorney (POA), managing an abundance of pharmaceuticals, nursing care, 24/7 care, hospice care and quality of life issues that are all pressing matters. We are all concerned about our health, well-being and future of mankind. 

We are the generation of Caregivers/Carers who are sandwiched between two generations, striving to meet the needs of those in our lives that need assistance with living, be it the young or old or both, financially, emotionally and/or physically.

Greetings ~ I'm Carole Brecht and my sister Jan Steinle, née Reisman, are from Pittsburgh, PA. We're partners and creators of SanGenWoman: The Heart of The Sandwich Generation social media platform ~ a global community focused on the Sandwich Generation. 45 countries are represented here, thank you for being present. :-) - Logon to connect to IG, TW, FB, Boutique, Book & All Things Caergiving YouTube Talk  Show.

Who is the Sandwich Generation? The dictionary definition: the generation of people still raising their children while having to care for their aging parents. 

The age range may vary 30-60 years old, according to recent stats in today's modern society. The nuclear family has morphed, and in some cases have become minimized due to the current trends of relocation in the professional world. It was not uncommon in the recent past to sustain a job your entire professional life. We juggle more, we live longer and the demands of daily living are often intense, especially with children under our roof. 

Jan & I express our support visually through Zentangle Art & Words of Inspiration. 
You inspire us to share the Caregiving Journey in our Unique way to support You ~ the tender spot ~ the silver lining in the journey ~ the emotional connection. 

I published 'The Artistry of Caregiving: Letters to Inspire Your Caregiver Journey' in 2016 on Amazon and won First Place for the self-help category with The Authors' Zone of Pittsburgh, Pa in October 2016. My book is designed to be your daily companion, letting you know you're understood and not alone. I hope you find peace, inspiration & connection and feel uplifted and affirmed as you move forward confidently, caring for your loved ones. You are doing a fine job and I support you with all your efforts as you provide the best care possible. 

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Carole & Jan

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