Thursday, May 25, 2017


Zentangle by Jan Steinle

When  you look at Jan's Zentangle art, what do you think and how does it make you feel? Are you energized by it, does it draw you in and cause thoughts of pleasantries? 

Art has the ability to engage us, soothe us, energize us and 'speak to us' in ways that words don't. 

Taking the time to find some decor that enhances our living space and our work space enhances our life in powerful ways. If the wall space is bare or has no focal point, our mind wonders off into random thoughts with nothing to gaze at. We spend so much of our life in our home and office, placing art and pictures in our living space that we see all day long keeps our minds stimulated in beneficial, healthy ways. It also keeps negativity at bay. This is a great, easy way to keep in step with self-care/living our best life. 

Art is a universal language, a visual language that engages our mind in ways that words can't. After all, we think in pictures, not words. That's why daydreaming is a very easy and healthy way to relax. Think about it: a great built-in way to soothe our mind by picturing pleasant thoughts
Day dreaming of being at the beach on a sunny day - we can see it crystal clear in our minds, every detail. Our mind's eye and memories are either impacting us positively or negatively. The same thing goes for what's in our eye view all day long.

Our mind is drawn to and stimulated by images and art that are pleasing to our mind. That is a blessing. Being able to see is a blessing. One of our main senses that feeds our brain information all day long, every single day. 

If your walls and table tops don't inspire you, consider making the effort to change that. It will be worth it because the inspiration that will flow from that will carry over into everything you do. 

You don't have to be an interior decorator to know what pictures and art appeal to you. Shopping online for pre-framed art is a cinch these days. Cost effective and easy to hang. Dig out some pictures of friends and family and put them in key places. If the task is too daunting, then start with one item that you've been meaning to frame and hang on your wall. If you're happy with the way it looks, proceed with confidence. 

To Life & Living!
The Artistry of Caregiving

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