Wednesday, April 19, 2017

High Frequency ~ The Voice of Inspiration

"This is a new shape to create a Zentangle on. I had some anxiety about giving it a try, but I plunged in and it all worked out".

High Frequency ~ The Voice of Inspiration

When the calling comes to do something out of  our comfort zone, it may be inspiration knocking at our door. Inspiration may come when we're in creative mode and it may also come knocking when we least expect it.

After reading several books on how to be your 'best self' from the time I was a teenager (instilled by my parents), and reading multiple articles over the years, there is plenty of information to learn how to zone in on your creative energy/living your best life. We all need a reason to get up in the morning. A life without purpose becomes a grind or a life of going through the motions.

Our attitude, outlook and perception have everything to do with how we internalize life and move through life. Our circumstances may be out of our control, but our attitude, choices and free will are our ticket to a 'good life'. Living a life of inspiration does not necessarily drop in our lap. We must have a strong desire to find and live our best life for it to come to fruition.

What does a good life look like to you? What does peace of mind look like? As humans we do have much in common, but in our personal and professional life, we are all unique. If you're feeling ansty, unsettled, discontent or bitter, it may be time to look deeper into the changes you need to make to turn your life around. If you're in a great place, fantastic!

During the times when I was in full fledge Caregiver mode for my Mom, every single thing seemed out of control, because it was. The life I loved suddenly came to a screeching halt. Everything I knew to be true was suddenly transformed into an unrecognizable life. For a long time. And forever more.

I will never look back with regret that I chose to be by my parents side when they needed me most. I was glad to give back. I was glad I was a rock. I was so sorry my Mom was sick and I was trying with all my might to save her life, knowing on some level it was inevitable that Alzheimer's disease would take her, but I was still in denial until the bitter end. She seemed so invincible my whole life, even when she was sick.

Coming to terms with a dramatic change and carrying on in joy has been a process. I know for sure Mom would not want me to be sad and sorrowful the rest of my life. No, not at all. She wants me to sing, to fly high, to reach for the stars. She and my Dad are in fact my inspiration to carry on in the way I have. Giving, loving, supporting those in the throes of caring for a loved one(s) and living my life to the best of my ability, with gusto!

Love is a driving force. Love feeds us. Love fuels us. 'Love is the drug' that can bring us closer together, to be compassionate and empathetic to those that are in our personal circle. Love is the emotion that connects us and compels us in so many ways!

I am a silver lining seeker because what else is there? On the other side awaits bitterness, anger and instability. It may take time to find or discover a silver lining in our circumstances. If we're patient enough, the silver lining always shows up. It's a mindset. It's almost like tricking our mind into believing - out of this difficult or challenging experience - I will come out for the better for it and there are lessons to be learned.

When the chips are down, tune-in to your 'high frequency', your best self, the one that wants to find the silver lining ~ the one that will never let  you down ~ the one that will always rise to the top.

You are a Winner!!

Best Wishes,

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