Tuesday, October 6, 2015

~The House Of Yesteryear~

I took a creative writing class a couple months ago and recently found one of the assignments I completed. This is it:

~The House Of Yesteryear~

I loved the house we left behind.
The walls full of memories.
A house filled with joy and happiness.
The pinball machine.
The ping pong table.
Bumper pool.

The dining room table.
The little school on the hill.
My best friend across the way I got to visit everyday.

Feeling safe and secure in my happy home.

I wish I could go back for a day and experience that safety and unconditional love that permeated my parents' home, my home sweet home.


The wonderlust of yesteryear can take us to a great place. Somewhere in those precious, pre-teen years we felt a sense of the possibilities for our future, no matter our circumstances at the time. We are born to dream of our futures during our younger years, long before we are required to be self -reliant. We dream of the future with our highest and brightest hopes of greater days ahead.

*......::::Have a good week and dream big::::......*

Best Wishes,

Carole Brecht

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