Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Welcome to this week's blog. I'm Carole Brecht on the left. I'm the writer for this blog. My sister and partner, Jan Steinle, is on the right. Both of us showcase our Zentangle Inspired Art here, and on all our social media. We recently launched our online store - (click) Tangled Art Boutique - housing over 100 images of our Zentangle designs, including a Caregiver greeting card and giftline. 

We hope you find these interviews worthy and enlightening, as we share who we are and what our mission is as founders of The Sandwich Woman Community. 

On Saturday, October 3, 2015, Jan and I were interviewed by Dr John Stanko on his 
(click) "Wake Up To Purpose Radio Show."

Our close association with Dr. John was formed in his (click) Purpose Quest classroom as we searched to discover, clarify, and embrace what we were meant to do in life.  Out of our experience as Mom's Caregiver for several years, and after attending Dr. John’s workshops throughout 2014, we found ourselves creating The Sandwich Woman Community.  We wanted to connect with and support those just like us who were going through the Caregiving journey. During that time we discovered the  Zentangle® art form and fell in love with it. 

We include our Zentangle Inspired Art on all of our social media. Both Jan and I feel it is apropos to The Sandwich Generation…intricate, layered, complex and beautiful.

Click here to listen - a lighthearted, fun and funny interview with one of our favorite associates, our friend, mentor, advisor and soon to be Publisher of my book and our combined book in the near future.  

Jan and I made this "sister tangle". She designed it and I colored it in. A fun project to work on together. 

(click) eCare Diary invited us on their radio show on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 to discuss our view on (click) "Sandwich Generation Caregiving." This interview begins with our Mom's diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and the ensuing struggle to find support and resources as Caregivers over the years during her care. 

On Monday, September 14, 2015 we were hosted by eCare Diary for this video interview called (click)"Sandwich Generation Caregiving." This was our first interview and experience to state who we are and what our view is on being a Sandwich Generation Caregiver. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and to listen to our viewpoint of what it's been like for us as Caregivers for our parents and how we see the Caregiver industry evolving. 

Best Wishes, 
Carole Brecht & Jan Steinle

~The Sandwich Woman, Caring For The Sandwich Generation~

~Your Caregiver Support Network: Where Words Soothe and Ideas & Art Delight~

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