Wednesday, July 27, 2016

~In the Moment~

Jan's Comments in reference to this tangle:

Sometimes a light touch is all you need. I left a lot of white space on this tile and used some light shading, instead of filling it up with patterns.

Sometimes a situation doesn’t call for us to charge in and take over, but rather we need to sit back and reflect, using a softer approach.


Our life is compiled by time stamps. We may use a diary, pictures, journal, calendar, planner or make notations to remind us of a certain time period. We keep photo albums, videos and other digital methods in this modern day to remember a day gone by. I was reminded of that when I went to Hope Grows recent Garden Walk/Zentangle Workshop with my sister Jan teaching the Zentangle Art method. I drove there with 3 of my best friends and we had a wonderful, summer day outside, from beginning to end, learning and creating. 

After touring the grounds, with business owner Lisa Story, we gathered together for Jan to teach us the Zentangle method of creating multi-layered designs/tangles, one stroke at a time. We left there rejuveinated and inspired by the experience of the day. We also all left there with a Zentangle decoupage small flower pot, a cutting from Lisa's philodendron, a bag of dirt and a new experience with the other attendees. Hope Grows is a great resource for Caregivers and offers events throughout the year. 

Back to the time stamp concept - during class Jan mentioned that since we've been tangling, each design she looks back on, reminds her of what was happening during that time in her life. I never looked at my tangled art that way, so to speak. I have a large binder of designs and thinking about it now, every single one of them reminds me of the time when I was creating that tangle. I knew that to be true, because, generally, most tanglers initial their tile and date the back. I have often looked on the back of my designs, notice the date and typically smile because even though life has been riddled with great ups and downs, I have found a way to generate a positive influence in my life through my art. And now I have a tracking system to refer to when I need to remember days gone by.

Whether it's a picture, a piece of artwork, a momento, a person or any variation of thoughts - the triggers of our thinking - have much to do with how our life unfolds. 
Time stamps are a reflection of how we have lived our life, from the time we can remember, back to our childhood.  Jan reminded me of this and gave me a fresh outlook on how I am perceiving my life. That, in itself, is a blessing. 

Overall, the day shared with Jan, Lisa, my friends and the attendees was a great day! Taking time out for you on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do yourself to meet the demands of your day. Take a class, go on a nature walk, meet some friends for an outing or read a book you've been meaning to read. Whatever it is, enjoy it and take time out on a regular basis to maintain your peace of mind and voice of reason. 



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I've been posting lately about silver linings. I see them everywhere. That brings me peace of mind in the midst of the storm of life and living.

In the name silver linings, may you witness many this week!

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