Wednesday, September 28, 2016

~The Fields That Dreams Are Made Of~

The Fields That Dreams Are Made Of ~ by Joan E. Reisman
circa 1995

I remember having a conversation with Mom about this painting at the time she was painting it. It was never completed, but I liked it enough to frame it. She was decades into being a creative artist in every area of her life. Painting was a new venture in her 60s. She was excited by the possibilities. This is one of my favorite paintings of hers for so many reasons.

She taught me to be a dreamer. So did my Dad, from as far back as I can remember. 

The painting portrays an open, pale yellow sky at dawn and the cranberry trees and bushes rich in color highlight new life on the horizon... what do you see when you see that open field? What do you think of when you look at the painting? How do you feel when viewing it?

The power of imagery has potential for us to feel grounded in a way that words can't. But, the combination of both can create a new thought in seconds. We think in pictures, not words. The saying - a picture is worth a thousand words is accurate!

The SanGen blog (and all of our media) are full of Zentangle Inspired Art created by me and my sister Jan Steinle. You may find peace in that visual experience. A nice way to unwind, find your voice of reason and take a chill at day's end. 

Dream On:::::........*


Zentangle by Jan Steinle: I used a light hand on the shading for this tangle and I really like the delicate feel of it. A reminder that sometimes 'less is more', and all that may be needed is a gentle touch to let someone know you care or that you're there for them. 


Enjoy the Fall and all the beautiful colors that will be coming our way very soon! 
Best Wishes, Carole


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