Wednesday, November 9, 2016

~National Family Caregivers Month~

by, Jan Steinle

"Sometimes all it takes is a li'l smile, gesture, or light touch to elevate an ordinary moment into the highlight of someone else's day...just like a bow wrapped around a simple gift."

My sister, Jan Steinle, is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). If you'd like to contact Jan about her teaching a class for your business or for your friends: Jan designed this Zentangle pattern and she calls it Boze.


If you are in the throes of caring for a loved one while maintaining your professional and personal life, you're not alone. This month America recognizes "National Family Caregivers Month." 

We number in the multi-millions in the USA. We put others before ourselves. We may feel like we're behind the eight ball much of the time, but we work hard to stay ten steps ahead, trying our best to do a good job. It takes a person with a big heart to do all that you do. You have my respect for doing a job well done. Keep in mind, your physical health and emotional well being are paramount to stay the course and do your best so you'll have no regrets. 

I've been taught from the time I was a little girl that there are silver linings even in the most toughest of times. Even when we feel like our efforts are going unnoticed, you can be sure without you on the scene things would not run as smoothly. I give you a great big Congrats for doing all that you do!


If you'd like to be a guest blogger, please contact me: I'm always looking for people to highlight that are making a positive difference in the world.


Check out my Paperback/Kindle on Amazon - The Artistry of Caregiving: Letters To Inspire Your Caregiver Journey - my book bless you as you navigate the emotional journey of caring for your loved one. I hope you're inspired, find peace, connection and community. 33 Letters written from my heart to yours. Designed to read on the go, in no particular order. Your daily companion letting you know you're understood and not alone. Too tired to read or focus? Get supported and affirmed by 35 Caregiver Zentangle designs throughout the book. You inspire me. You are my hero. <3


From a recent reader: "I love how brief each letter is so you can read just a short piece each day, easily and quickly, and they always leave you feeling empowered! -K.H.


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Best Wishes, Carole

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