Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Sandwich Woman Navigating Uncharted Territory

I've been thinking about who The Sandwich Woman is and how she differs from past generations. It's not a new story that as we age, we help our elders. It's been like that since the beginning of time. What is different now in 2015? 

Not only are people living longer, we have modern medicine to prolong our lives. Sometimes that's a great thing and other times I wonder.  

The traditional family has been dwindling in numbers, and has been for quite a while. Now there's a range of single parents, step parents, blended families, divorcees and people cohabiting, compared to the traditional husband - wife team.

With all this change in the world and women playing a large role in the work force, caring for an elder or a dependent child or children can add stress to one's life like never before. It's a lot to juggle and manage.

We truly are a pioneer generation in the throws of a large scale change in the family unit and aging process. We are facing uncharted territories as The Sandwich Generation. I am aware there are men who are Caregivers too. More often it is the women who is the primary Caregiver. But that doesn't change the fact that both men and women are in the role of Caregivers and part of The Sandwich Generation. 

The blurred lines of the family unit with all the gray shades of variables have complicated life to a large degree. The high cost of living and health insurance haven't helped either. 

During several years of Caregiving, I saw and learned things I would never have imagined. It was a lonely and isolating experience. And yet, there are millions of people in my shoes, like you, feeling like they are on an island, alone. 

I'm here to listen, to share, to learn, to help and I hope to inspire and to comfort. Hang in there. You're strong. You're smart. You work hard. You are a giver. You do for others. You're kind. You care. You have a big heart and a selfless nature. It takes strength to do all that you do.

Let's stay connected. And your friends who are in midlife, walking the walk, let them know The Sandwich Woman cares.

Best Wishes,
Carole Brecht
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