Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Sweet Spot

When going through the process of caring for the young or old in your life, or both, there will be times you are having a really good day. When that happens, rejoice! 

Despite the sadness and despair I experience along the way as a Caregiver, there are plenty of times I have a moment or an entire day that makes me happy while fulfilling that role. How grateful I am when I find joy.

I like to approach my day expecting something good to happen. That attitude has served me well. It calms me and it allows me to keep my peace of mind. There is no use worrying about things that are beyond our control. Worry and stress won't change the situation. What matters most is to be a pleasant person and to avoid confrontation at all cost, no matter if it's with a family member or a doctor or anyone you see in your day. It's worth keeping your attitude in check. For if your emotions rule your day, the slippery slope of internal turmoil can be great and spill onto the person you are caring for. That is the last thing you want to happen. 

There is plenty to be thankful for. And you can be sure of this - though you may not get much recognition or visible appreciation for doing what you do, you are highly valued and relied upon to make the day the best that you can for those in your care.

What brings you joy in your day while being a Caregiver to someone you love or were hired to care for? Do you look for the sweet spot or are you dwelling on the negative? We may not have much control over life's circumstances, but we do have control over our emotional well being, how we treat others and our reaction to outside forces.

Look for the sweet spot, it's there!

Best Wishes,
Carole Brecht
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