Wednesday, June 10, 2015

~The Mother Heart~

Tender times call for patience, perseverance and kindness. Embrace the moment. The Sandwich Generation has a huge heart <333

by Joan Reisman  7/28/27 - 11/23/14

This ocean painting was done by our Mom, Joan Reisman, a couple decades ago. Mom loved the ocean. 

Joan started painting in her 60s. The painting hung in our parents' kitchen for many years, creating a beautiful focal point and resting place for our eyes.  She was a prolific painter and created beautiful Artistry. We have many treasures to share of hers, to help you get to know her better. She was a creative genius and experimented often. One of her favorite forms of Art was collage with her paintings. A dynamic and unusual combination. A vision of beauty to behold.

Our Mom had a major impact on our becoming Artists. Both of us went to Ivy School Of Professional Art after high school. Artistry has been a main theme in our life over the years in one way or another. Our parents have always exposed us to the Arts & Cultural District in our hometown. From generation to generation, we learn to appreciate what we're exposed to. Our latest artistic interest is Zentangle. The heart design with this blog is a good example of that art form. If you look at The Sandwich Woman Instagram account, Twitter account and facebook account and click on the Photo section, you can see our gallery of Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA). We hope you enjoy.

 ~Nurturing the Nurturers with Words That Soothe and Ideas & Art That Delight~

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