Wednesday, August 19, 2015

*~ Dad Is The King Of His Castle: Moving Day ~*

Today was moving day for Dad. We had been anticipating this change for the last couple months and it finally arrived. Needless to say, it was a bit hectic. 

The movers made a smooth transition from one apartment to the next, without forgetting any detail. I had been stressed about this move for weeks and it was causing me anxiety for a variety of reasons. I finally stopped resisting the move/change, but instead embraced it and prepared for it - another reminder to me that life does not make bargains with my opinions nor does it care what I think. As Dad says, "Life is what happens when you have other plans!"

In the process of packing, we had to go through all of Mom's clothes that had been hanging idly in the closet for the last 9 months. We had to go through her dresser drawers, and cabinets that still housed some of her belongings. I got a little choked up a couple times, took a deep breath and moved on. There are so many reminders of her in my daily life and at times I feel her presence. I feel like she's my coach, telling me to keep putting my best foot forward. It brings me peace of mind and a pang in my heart at the same time. I miss a million things about her and am thankful I have a lifetime of great memories of her unconditional love.

When I said goodnight to Dad, I told him today was a good day. He half smiled and sighed a little and said "yeah" as I rolled my eyes on the way out and told him it will all come together and he has a cozy new home. He is a precious person, as we all are. I cherish these moments...moment to moment, for they are frequently short lived. It is in our best interest to embrace the moment and give our best daily. What better recipe is there in life ~ living with no regrets.

Dad is now residing in his new digs and continues to be the King Of His Castle!

~ My parents, Stan & Joan Reisman. Circa 1997 ~

The Zentangle Art with this blog was designed by my sister, Jan Steinle. I found inspiration in this image. The dark round detailed circle reminded me of an anchor or a grounding in life with beauty all around it. Take a few minutes to gaze at it and experience peace in your day. What do you think and how do you feel when you look at this image? 

Have a good week. Keep shining, you're doing a great job!

Best wishes today & always,
Carole Brecht

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  1. What a beautiful post. Your writing is so honest and heartfelt. I'm so glad your dad's move went smoothly! Sending warm thoughts for more good days ahead :)