Wednesday, August 26, 2015

**** What's The Buzz? ****

Lately time is a blur!

The passage of time on any given day feels like everything is running together because there is so much to do every hour of every day. At least that's what it feels like for a long time now.

Are my work week demands crowding my space to the point of no return...all work and no play? I'm craving some time for myself, and unless I actually schedule it in my week, I feel like I'm always running and behind the eight ball. I plan to change that asap!

I would definitely succeed as an octo-bee :-) I'm pretty good at juggling my day, being and feeling productive, but I plan to "squeeze in" a little more me-time so maintain my peace.

As the busy bee demonstrates in the above tangled image, there are never enough hands, eyes behind our head and hours in a day to do all that life demands, but we do our best.


A message from my sister and Certified Zentangle Teacher, Jan Steinle:

The tangled bee was inspired by all the “busy bees” out there caring for their loved ones…never enough arms for all the tasks, nor enough hours in the day to complete them! Thank you Caregiver Angels!

Zentangle®, an easy-to-learn meditative art form, is a fun & relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns - a great method for caregivers to de-stress!

To learn more about Zentangle, my classes and workshops, check out my social media pages on Facebook:, and Instagram: Tangled_Bee.

Best wishes, have a great week!
Carole Brecht

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