Wednesday, September 16, 2015

~~~> The Caregiver Squeeze <~~~

For several months, I've been writing about being a Caregiver and what my experiences have been like. Included in my writings, I have been referencing The Sandwich Generation often and what it's like to be in the middle between the younger and older generations we are a part of. 

I had a moment the other day that literally made me laugh out loud, when I was observing how squeezed I was feeling in my day, and had a revelation that "I am" who I am writing about. That may sound goofy, even to me, but it's true. I've been writing as though I am sharing with someone about my life, but not necessarily how I feel in my life. 

You don't have to be a Caregiver to feel squeezed or smashed in the middle of the sandwich between generations. We deal with stress all day long. Some days better than others. My schedule is especially busy these days and I feel pulled in many directions. I often times work off of a to-do list to stay on task, and it has helped me tremendously. 

When you are loaded down with a long list of responsibilities, figure out at the beginning of the day what is important. Then create a priority list, and I assure you that you will feel more in control than without one. 

Do you feel like you have a purpose-driven life? Do you have a sense you have some control in how your day unfolds? I feel certain all we really have control over is our attitudes and how we deal with what life throws at us. Even then, there are days that we may feel like everything has a mind of it's own, and life is what happens when you have other plans. (One of my Dad's famous quotes). 

If you don't have a notebook, journal or clipboard, pick one up and get busy modifying your life via your daily list. You will be a happier camper, I mean Caregiver!

Best Wishes today & always, 
Carole Brecht

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