Wednesday, September 9, 2015

~The SanGen Life~

~The SanGen Life~

I was in my kitchen the other day and opened the door of the pantry that houses all kinds of food and staples. I rarely go to the pantry anymore. If I'm opening that door at all, it's typically for peanut butter every few weeks or sometimes longer. All my baking supplies are in there. Plus a million other "things" that are kitchen-worthy. This particular time I opened the door, my mind flashed to what seemed like several minutes of my children in the house, all four of them, the walls ringing with laughter, squabbling and lots of love. Home Sweet Home. It was a beautiful sound. I was savoring and cherishing the moment, keenly aware of the quiet backdrop in my home, of twenty years. All the birdies flew the coop for I believe the last time when my youngest fled in March. My third go-round of empty-nester. I was pretty sure I would sail through it, since I'm a veteran, but no way, to my surprise. 

I've been immersed between two generations for a long time as a Sandwich Woman. It's been a great ride! Family is my thing and caring for those I am close to comes naturally. The demands can become great at times and certainly when dealing with life and death, but in the overall, I am thankful to have been by my parents side to help them navigate their senior years. As for the age range of SanGens, it varies greatly and nobody should be out of the loop of recognition for coming to the aid, and sometimes rescue, of a loved one in need. There are plenty of young Caregivers all over the world putting their best feet forward. There are also plenty of seniors, taking care of each other, in their beloved homes. 

As you move forward in your personal journey as a Caregiver, take five to do something nice for yourself. Having fresh flowers in the house year 'round is a good start!

Best wishes today and always,
Carole Brecht

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