Wednesday, January 6, 2016

~A New Beginning~

2016 is here!

I'm trying to wrap my head around that we're in a new year and well into the 21st century! A reminder how fast time flies.

There's something fresh about a new year. New dreams, new horizons and aspirations when the clean slate appears on January 1 of every year. We want to feel that each day is well lived, that we have purpose and that we're productive. 

If you're caring for another, I hope you remember how important it is to keep your voice of reason intact, to put your best foot forward and to be glad you won't look back with any regret because you are the one who stepped up to the plate. You are responsible and caring, one who made a difference in your loved one's life. 

Keep your calendar and notebook nearby daily, stay organized, make your daily list and, most importantly, be sure you're at the top of the list to take care of yourself. 

Jan and I have created this social media platform with Facebook, Twitter & Instagram that has been gaining momentum globally. We're happy to see that The Sandwich Woman Community is a place for The Sandwich Generation to come together.

We also created an online store called Tangled Art Boutique
In the store there are over 130 Zentangle Inspired Art designs we created. Each of us has our own gallery of designs and there is a Caregiver gallery too. The Caregiver line of designs is one way we love to support Caregivers with our art by affirming them with words in beautiful tangled designs. We'd like to share our store link with assisted living facilities, hospitals, doctor's offices, independent living facilities, hospice organizations and/or any business or person that has Caregivers, be it family or professional Caregivers, that are part of their lives. The Caregiver Gallery of gifts can be used for individuals as well as fundraisers, special events, contests, employee incentives, rewards or a special thank you or just merely for recognition and appreciation. 

If you have people in your life who would appreciate our Caregiver greeting cards & giftlines to celebrate and affirm Caregivers, please have them contact me by email: 

Best wishes for a life well-lived in 2016!
Carole Brecht

~The Sandwich Woman, Caring For The Sandwich Generation~

~Your Caregiver Support Network: Where Words Soothe and Ideas & Art Delight~




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