Wednesday, January 27, 2016

~ Coming Full Circle ~

I have been thinking about what life has been like after coming out of the devastating loss of a loved one. Feeling a sense of being grounded, connected, strong and stable comes in time after such a loss and it's a work in progress, reorganizing your life. 

We make adjustments, go through transitions, tweak our lifestyle to find a new way of living. We begin a new season of life. I think mid-life crisis is an understatement in today's world.

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The Caregiver Gallery of gifts can be used for individuals as well as fundraisers, special events, contests, employee incentives, rewards or a special thank you or for recognition and appreciation. A great way to affirm your favorite Caregiver(s) with something personal for her/him/them. 

If you have people in your life who would appreciate our Caregiver greeting cards & giftlines to celebrate and affirm Caregivers, please have them contact me by email: 

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Carole Brecht

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