Thursday, February 18, 2016

~Our Brothers & Sisters, Here and Abroad~

I've been wanting to make a tangle that includes Carers in the design, our European, overseas sisters & brothers that are equal in job description to American Caregivers. This is my first attempt.Though my other tangles say Caregiver, that term is what I'm accustomed to and in my mind a generic term that's all inclusive to people who care for others. You can be sure I think of us as one global army of people that have the same end goal. Giving good care to those in our life who rely on us for their well being. I'm sure there are other names for Caregiver/Carer 'round the world too. This community is represented by 44 countries currently. This tangle is for all of us, near & far. You are my hero♡

If you have people in your life who would appreciate our Caregiver greeting cards & gift lines to celebrate and affirm Caregivers, please have them contact me by email: and refer them to to the Caregiver Gallery.

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Carole Brecht

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