Wednesday, February 24, 2016


My youngest son came to visit over the weekend. He moved out a year ago and he lives nearby. We are good friends and I appreciate his company always. I was thinking back to when we had a basketball hoop in the driveway and I would pull up a chair outside and watch him shoot hoops. I remember those days well. It was a time my four children were growing into young adults and I was enjoying life in a large way, like never before. All the work and toil it took from the time they were born to where they were then (and now) was showing up in the form of responsible people who were soon going to be completely independent. What an exciting and rewarding time to enjoy and appreciate what it took to be in this season of life.

That was then and this is now. Now is a still a great place in my midlife years. There are a million things I do love about it. Along with that, my life has changed monumentally in the last several years between job changes and becoming a Caregiver for my parents. 

Many days move along just fine, others not so much. Life is full of ups and downs. To experience great happiness means one has the capacity to experience great sadness. Our lives are riddled with variations of great highs and great lows. 

As you move forward in your week, I hope you feel a sense of peace and calm, despite your circumstances. I hope you are feeling like you are leading a purpose driven life, that you have a reason to get up in the morning and are making a difference in someone's life as well as your own. 

One thing I know for sure, unless you put yourself out there, by putting your best foot forward, life can be pretty lukewarm and not very satisfying. Some days you may need to give yourself a pep talk or read a book about how to help yourself to get on track or have a positive attitude. Whatever you have to do to motivate yourself, do it. Whatever it takes, it's worth it! 

My new book will be out very soon. I'll be posting about it all over our social media once it's live. It's a book of inspiration and artistry. I wrote it for you and I hope you love it.


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