Wednesday, May 18, 2016

~Home Sweet Home~

I've been thinking about what Home Sweet Home means to me lately since midlife is a transitional time for so many. In the past, many and maybe even most people stayed in the same city they grew up in for the remainder of their life. In the last several years that has changed. Our children often move out of state or just far enough away that we have to plan a visit. Sometimes that is cost prohibitive because the cost incurred securing a round trip flight is expensive. We rejoice if we can fit in a visit once or twice a year. 

Home truly is where the heart is. No matter where I am, no matter where I'm living, my home sweet home has nothing to do with my belongings. It has everything to do with my accumulated memories since childhood. I cherish and guard those with all my heart. 

Our memories comprise who we are and how we live our life. We are the sum total of all of our life experiences. In this day and age, I never take for granted that I still have my memories. Next time you are feeling alone, withdrawn and isolated, use your memory to pull you out of that funk and focus on your memories that bring you joy. Giving thanks sheds a light on our circumstances and puts them in their proper place. We are not our circumstances. We are not our status in our personal or professional life. We have the ability daily to sustain, no matter what is happening in our life. For that, let us give thanks. 


My new book launched last month on Amazon ~  "The Artistry of Caregiving, Letters to Inspire Your Caregiver Journey"  Written from my heart to yours, to help you navigate the emotional journey of caring for another. Several of my Caregiver tangles are throughout the book. The book has a unique format. Six chapters and 33 Letters, designed to read on the go, in no particular order. I wrote this book out my experience as my Mom's primary Caregiver for several years. My journey was difficult, stressful, lonely and I felt very isolated and withdrawn. I wrote this to bring comfort to Caregivers of all ages. I wanted to let you know you are not alone, you are understood and I hope this book makes you feel connected, appreciated and affirms all that you do. Caregiving is not an easy job. It can be quite demanding and stressful. I created this book to be a companion for you and I hope you love it!

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