Wednesday, June 1, 2016

~The Heartstrings Of Love~

I am a Caregiver
by Lin M. Watkins

I am a caregiver
it’s what I do.
24/7, I’m here for you.

And most of the time
we do just fine
But once in a while,
I need my own time.

And when I take
that necessary break
I’ve got to remember
it’s for both our sake.

I can’t take care of you
unless I take care of me.
So I work very hard
at being guilt-free.

I’ll always be here for you,
so don’t you fret.
Together we’re making
memories of us I’ll never forget.


A Caregiver’s Treasure Book

by Cyndie Goins Hoelscher

in case someone hasn’t mentioned it,
you are a treasure – radiant, precious and rare.
You care,
bestowing your gifts in a time
when the world may not seem so bright or pretty.
You are treasured
as highly as the diamonds, rubies, and sapphires
precious gems in this world.
These jewels,
rarely recognized in their natural state,
are cut, faceted and polished,
until they sparkle for the whole world to admire.
Like these stones, caregivers shine.
And when the world may not seem so pretty,
remember this gift – a treasure box
to keep in your secret place,
so you will be reminded time and time again
of how priceless you truly are.


The two Zentangle designs in this blog were created by my sister Jan Steinle. I asked her to send me two of her favorite tangles that she made recently and why she liked them. Here are her comments:

"I love the simplicity and symmetry" in the first one and the second one: "I love the movement in this one." What I see and what she sees are rarely the same thing and with abstract art that is very common. No matter how we each see it, we both see something beautiful. 

I hope you find something to do that is creative - a craft, a hobby, coloring, painting, planting flowers or any number of creative outlets. Creating is a great buffer to life's trials and tribulations. Whatever you do, enjoy it!


My new book launched in April on Amazon ~  "The Artistry of Caregiving, Letters to Inspire Your Caregiver Journey"  Written from my heart to yours, to help you navigate the emotional journey of caring for another. Several of my Caregiver tangles are throughout the book. The book has a unique format. Six chapters and 33 Letters, designed to read on the go, in no particular order. I wrote this book out my experience as my Mom's primary Caregiver for several years. My journey was difficult, stressful, lonely and I felt very isolated and withdrawn. I wrote this to bring comfort to Caregivers of all ages. I wanted to let you know you are not alone, you are understood and I hope this book makes you feel connected, appreciated and affirms all that you do. Caregiving is not an easy job. It can be quite demanding and stressful. I created this book to be a companion for you and I hope you love it!

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