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Kathryn Harrison ~ Special Guest

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~Introducing special guest - Kathryn Harrison~
Artist, Author, Publisher & Marketing Consultant

“Anything that is of value in life only multiplies when it is given.” --- Deepak Chopra

My mother’s spectacular garden enriched my world. But when my mother became afflicted with dementia, it didn’t take long for her garden to reflect her changed state. Neglect and overgrowth quickly covered the beautiful blooms. Still, the garden offered great gifts; a relaxing place for my father, an adventuresome place for my kids, and a quiet, safe place for my mom. One day, my young daughter made the connection between the weeds in the garden and my mother’s dementia. She remarked that like the weeds taking over the flowers, the disease was taking over her Nana’s brain. This clever observation was the inspiration behind my children’s book about Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias called Weeds in Nana’s Garden. Following our family’s journey with the disease, I decided to use my art and communication skills to create this illustrated children’s book, set in a garden like my mother’s. My wish is that the book is able to extend beyond our backyard to give understanding, comfort and support to many families all over the globe who are touched by dementia. It will also help raise funds for the Alzheimer Society of Canada – an organization that supported us greatly during my mom’s illness.*

After almost a year since it was first published, I am happy to report that my book has spread to many places around the world. I have customers throughout North America, the UK, and even as far away as Australia and Singapore. But what has astounded me the most has been the immense number of people all over the globe who have helped with it! Getting the book into more hands has been significantly aided by the hard work of many generous individuals! A huge force of Bloggers, Podcasters, Dementia CafĂ© Operators, Care Home Staff, Teachers, Bookstore Owners, Reviewers and Purple Angel Ambassadors have embraced my book and then made great efforts to raise awareness of it. These giving and thoughtful individuals have played such an important part in getting the word out…but it doesn’t stop there! Soon, the book will be available in other languages like French, German and Portuguese, due to the generosity of my helpers! Being exposed to this vast group of selfless people has been extremely rewarding. I think the strength and number of these new supportive relationships has been my biggest unexpected gift from this whole experience! Thank-you!

My belief that the world is full of open, giving people has been reinvigorated. Almost every day I encounter another stranger who has lent a hand to lift my efforts up further! I had gotten cautious with people over time but this kindness has opened up my heart tremendously, and as I give more, I am rewarded with further benefits. What an important lesson for me! Not so long ago, I connected with Carole Brecht after we were both featured on the compassionate online book resource blog, AlzAuthors. She is tirelessly working to support dementia Caregivers and thus invited me to be part of her blog today. I am thankful to be included in her efforts. Joining together, we can be even more effective at helping people.  My friendship with Carole and all the special new relationships I have formed in the last 12 months have very firmly further enriched my world! Let my sharing be inspiration for you too!

And if you interested in forming a connection with me, I’d love to hear from you! I’m a Canadian living just outside of Toronto but you can find me easily on Instagram (, Twitter (KathHarrisonArt), by email ( or through the website,
*$1 from the sale of each book will be donated to the Alzheimer Society of Canada

Happy New Year to all! Best Wishes, Kathryn

I highly recommend Kathryn's book - a joy to read with her beautiful illustrations. Need help explaining what's happening to a youngster, check out this book! Thank you for being a guest today my friend.


Check out my book The Artistry of Caregiving: Letters To Inspire Your Caregiving Journey on Amazon in Paperback & Kindle - A book to read on the go, your daily companion, letting you know your understood and not alone~

Best Wishes in the new year!

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