Wednesday, January 25, 2017

...::::Trail Blazer::::...

S​et Your Sails by Jan Steinle
"Plan and prepare, ready or not, just go for it & embrace the challenge."


 ...::::Trail Blazing::::...

Life is always moving forward. 
Time is our best friend. We get to start over every day.
Find your peace of mind and share your heart out.
Connect to those who lift you up. 
Surround yourself with people and things that make your heart beat a little faster.
A creative life with purpose gives us hope. Hope is our lifeline.
Free will is our key to living a drama-free life, if we learn how to manage our emotions.
Emotional well-being is the cornerstone & vantage point of our outlook on life and living.
A purpose-driven life is always at our beckon call.
Where do we focus and what and who do we allow in our lives?
Living a life on purpose, with love, is a powerful decision. Then we 
have to be responsible and not place blame.
Always take the high road. 
Seek & find silver linings daily.


Examples of making changes to impact our well-being & those around us: 

Pick up the phone to say hello. The personal touch is so sweet. 
Put a new picture on the wall where you'll see it everyday.  Something that recharges you every time you look at it.
Get a notebook, to make notes about people, places & things that inspire you. 
Get some sticky notes for reminders.
Be a blessing in daily living - ex: generous in speak & actions.
Are  you merry in your heart? Does joy live there?
Mail a greeting card. Make the effort.
Be You. No holding back. 
Make a decision and stick to it.
Get out of your comfort zone to learn what you're capable of.
Stretch yourself.
Practice the Pause. 
Draw a doodle and show someone.
Say hello.
Say goodbye.
Take the time. 
Be a giver.
Be positive.
Love without judgment.
.....:::Be a Trail Blazer:::.....
Think outside of the box.
Don't settle, go for it.
Be true to you.
~Live love.
~Laugh daily.
~No regrets.
*.....:::LET GO:::.....*

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