Wednesday, February 8, 2017

~Color Your World~

Hidden Treasure
by Jan Steinle

"Sometimes what we need or looking for is partially hidden from view...peek 'around the edges' or dig a little deeper, and we may be surprised at what we find."


When you walk through my home, you will see my walls covered with art. Some of it I created from years gone by and some of it's current. Some of it is by other artists and some of it my Mom created. I also have Zentangles all over my kitchen that my sister Jan and I created over the last couple years. Keeping a fresh bouquet of colorful flowers year 'round in my dining room keeps it lively and brings something natural into the mix.

Our visual world is so important. Whether in your office or at home, a space with framed art, photographs or any variation of mixed media makes for a stimulating environment.

We don't think in words, we think in pictures/color. 

Take a look around and decide if you're pleased with your decor. Do the colors make you feel alive? Are the walls bare or are they beaming with images you love? 


The top 5 reasons why color is important in daily life:

-We think in pictures, not words
-Color generates feelings and emotions
-Looking at an image you love is a good way to stay focused
-Having color in your space connects you to the room
-Being surrounded by colorful decor and images makes us feel alive


After you assess your living space, review the list of why color is important to determine if your room reflects the 5 reasons. If you're limited in color or feel like you don't have the flare it takes to do some decorating or reinvention in your space, ask a friend to go shopping to see what you're drawn to. If you like your decor but would like a change, research online to generate ideas. If you're in a great place in your space, then you'll understand why I've devoted a blog to this topic. Maybe you'll consider the possibilities...

~Color Your World~ and be amazed by the impact to your well-being. Decor and art that include color (neutrals don't count) are a mood/game changer. 

One other thought on color for today - take a look in your closet. What colors are you drawn to in your wardrobe? Do you pick out the same shirts, pants, dresses or skirts because you love the color? That's a good exercise to see how color makes you think & feel, and how powerful color is and what colors you like best if you don't know already. 

Taking time out for you is all about self-care. What do you think and how do you feel when you look at the color in your life. Colorizing your world is one way to implement self-care. Embrace the process and enjoy! :)

Best Wishes, 


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