Wednesday, March 15, 2017

~Riding the Wave~

Riding the Wave by Jan Steinle

"Sometimes you go along for the (bumpy) ride and still find Joy"

~Riding the Wave~

On any given day, there is a light, even if it's just peeking out from the cracks. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even while we're in a dark tunnel, seen or not. 

When we're in the thick of change or loss or we're experiencing a dim light, hope will always carry us. Hope is our lifeline. We are instilled with infinite possibilities in our thoughts and we are given free will, our greatest gift of all. We are multi-layered humans that have an emotional aspect to our life as well as a logical aspect to our life. There is a meeting of the minds somewhere in that mix, hopefully creating stability. 

At a moment's notice, we can chose a different path physically or in thought. It's easy to look outside of ourselves to find joy and happiness, but like all the gurus tell us - happiness comes from within, that is if you want to live a consistently happy life during your lifetime. If joy is tied to our circumstances - that means we could be up and down constantly because life is not a smooth ride ever, and certainly not in midlife. 

Transforming one's life to be a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life, is seeking and finding the sweet spot, daily. Daydreaming can be a lifesaver, by focusing on the positive. A major blessing when it comes to seeking and finding the silver lining.

The ups and downs of the slippery slope never cease. We have seasons of life that are calmer and/or more joyful than others. No matter what season we're in, we need to keep our voice of reason in tact so we can maintain our stability, even in chaotic circumstances. Our emotions have the ability to run wild and can lead us astray. If you've ever been told 'you wear your heart on your sleeve', you will relate to being a victim of your emotions. Our voice of reason is our best friend. The heart will help to guide us, but if it's the ruler of life, we will have many pitfalls because our emotional life is driven by the heart, not logic.

Do whatever you have to do to find your peace of mind while you are riding the wave of life. Feel confident that you are making strides, no matter the circumstances. You have everything it takes to meet the demands of the day. I believe in you!

Best wishes for the week ahead,

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