Wednesday, March 8, 2017

~Run Towards What Scares You~

Magic Mist by Jan Steinle

"When I look at this tangle, I feel like I am looking at some kind of magical land off in the distance, beckoning me."

~Run Towards What Scares You~

I read this statement recently: Run towards what scares you. It was like a bell ringing in my head. A good bell. A call to action bell. In fact, I was compelled to write a blog about this concept.

Life is riddled with so many ups and downs. We go in and out of seasons, some good, some not so good. Our life circumstances are out of our control, but our response to those circumstances are not. Our outlook, perception and attitude can turn on a dime. We have the ability to choose how we respond to all of the circumstances in our life. This is great news!

I'm sure when I'm not feeling so chipper or I have to go through the motions 'acting as if' I'm feeling good on the outside, it's always worthwhile to 'pretend' until my emotions catch up with my logic. That's not so bad. The alternative is worse. 

Our emotions play a very large part in our life. Our voice of reason is hopefully ruling, but at times I'm pretty sure not, atleast, not 100% 24/7, 365. We are designed to have a heart's view on what's happening in our lives. We are multi-dimensional and we have every right to feel a million different feelings. It's the ones that rule that we may consider scrutinizing. Following your heart is a popular concept today. That's fine as long as there is logic, on some level, in that mix. All heart and no logic can easily mislead us. 

Just like Jan's Zentangle quotes - we're being beckoned to answer a calling... do you hear the whisper?

Perspective, perception, truth (your truth, my truth, their truth, the truth), our memories and experiences in life, our outlook, our attitude and every single 'thing' under the sun impacts how we look at life, how we behave in life and how we embrace life. Never forget, at any given moment we can choose our response, keeping in mind, there are circumstances out of our control. 

As you run towards what scares you, be assured you have everything it takes to answer the calling. You are strong and smart, intuitive and calculating. I bet you save the day!

Go for it!




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