Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Sandwich Generation Of Caregivers

The Sandwich Generation Community is dealing with critical life decisions, being patient advocates, receiving Power of Attorney (POA), an abundance of pharmaceuticals, nursing care, 24/7 care, extending longevity, hospice care and quality of life issues that are all pressing matters. We are all concerned for the health, well being and future of mankind. 

We are a generation of Caregivers who strive to meet the needs of those in our lives who need assistance with living, be it the young or old or both, who may need financial, emotional and/or physical help.

"The Sandwich Woman: The Heart Of The Sandwich Generation" (launched two months ago) is a Global Community on facebook and the web that is nearing 1,000 in number. The message and mission of this Community are far-reaching. The countries represented are Australia, United Kingdom, Greece, Taiwan, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, Guyana, Nigeria, Thailand, Spain and Switzerland, as well as many states across the United States, a confirmation that the desire for support and guidance is worldwide. It's been exciting seeing this Community grow!

We're experiencing a change in how our healthcare system is evolving and how we deal as a Sandwich Generation, doing all that we do. My definition of The Sandwich Woman (applicable to The Sandwich Generation) is: A woman in midlife who is assisting, supporting or otherwise caring for a child and/or an elder, also known as a master at juggling a million things at once!

We are making critical decisions daily, while caring for others. Our children may be grown, but it's a different day from the '70s when I grew up. Children are staying home longer or leaving and coming back. The cost of living is ever increasing, and attaining healthcare is still a hardship for millions of people because it's so costly. The variation of the family unit and dual income family and single parent family have changed the family unit dynamic. There are no easy answers and no shortcuts to alleviate the pressures of the demands we face daily. 

The heart design with this blog represents "The Heart Of The Matter" to me for all that we need to do and all those we need to care for. Our Global Community desires to make a difference for those whom we love and who need us most.

Thank you for your support and participation! Joining forces and being part of The Sandwich Woman Community will benefit all of us. Please send an invitation to those in your facebook network who are in midlife to Like "The Sandwich Woman: The Heart Of The Sandwich Generation" facebook page. This is a place to gather, to be inspired, to draw strength and comfort while going through the sometimes challenging hardship of being in such an important role. The next generation is watching us. Our children are learning from us on how to care for others in their lives. We all would like to have a good quality of life throughout our lifetimes. Let's continue to grow this Community and keep the momentum going.

I have a big heart for Caregivers. They are often the rock of their families, in a very serious role, especially when someone is completely dependent daily. You inspire me. I respect you immensely. I care about you. I want to hear from you. Please share what your concerns are and what resolutions you may have. We can all benefit from your insight and experience. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Wishes, 
Carole Brecht
Instagram: @San_Gen_Woman
Twitter: Carole Brecht @SanGenWoman

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