Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Caregiver's Respite

I've been a Caregiver for several years now. I haven't had a week's long vacation for a very long time and was anticipating my long weekend away with my girlfriends, this past week. Anticipating is putting it mildly. I was counting the days for the last couple of months. I needed some time to "get away from it all," to process my Mom's passing and allow myself to be "off the clock."

The subject matter of caregiving is a serious one. I like to make it a point to share something positive in my blog, end on a light, encouraging note and sometimes have a challenge finding a way to say what I write without being so intense. That is not a simple matter often times because aging, illness and death are not the most pleasant thing to write about. There are times I wish I had more good news to write about in my blogs. I thought sharing some pictures of my long weekend (Thursday-Monday) would be a nice change for this week's blog. I hope you enjoy! (Click on the images to enlarge)

Good Humor truck on the beach. Made me want ice cream and took me back to grade school. 

Looks like a postcard.

A great day for flying a kite!

A skeleton of a dinosaur in the sand. The kids were loving it. Made me think of my four children when they were little with not a care in the world. 

I walked two miles on the boardwalk a couple times and enjoyed it so much. 

I was walking by this signage and it stopped me and I stared at it. "No Profanity Please" and underneath it, it says "Be courteous." I loved it! I thought we should have that sign all over the world...

At dusk. The pink of the water was like ice...stunning!

Sunrise at 6am. 

A doodle of the ocean while sitting on deck, seagazing, listening to the waves crash as the gulls fly in the oh so blue sky.

There's some highlights from my trip to Ocean City, MD. I was there with about 20 women who ranged in age from their twenties to their seventies. We all got along well and we were there to celebrate our girlfriend's sixtieth birthday. I'm go glad I took the time to get away. I feel refreshed and renewed in spirit. Something all of us need to do at least once a year!

Best Wishes, 
Carole Brecht

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