Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Sandwich Generation: Nurture The Nurturers

We need to “Nurture the Nurturers,” and to remind people how important it is to take care of themselves. Whether you are a Caregiver for a family member by default or choice or started out by "just being a helper," you are highly valued and needed. I didn't know what a Caregiver was until I was long into the emotional journey of caring for my Mother. I didn't know much about chronic illnesses, caring for someone else besides myself, organizing and managing someone else's life and everything it took to provide proper care. I will never look back with regret. If I had to, I'd do it all over again. If I were to change anything, I would not be so stressed over circumstances I had no control over and I'd understand my limitations better and seek more assistance. 

The Sandwich Generation is uniting globally because the needs are so great. 60,000,000+ Caregivers in this nation alone. That number does not include professional Caregivers. The numbers are staggering how many people are getting Alzheimer's Disease and other variations of dementia as they age. Being around someone who has  either a slow or rapid decline with memory impairment is a painful thing to witness. The long goodbye is a perfect name for such a disease. Our memories are essential - they make us who we are today. There are plenty of Caregivers and parents who are not only caring for the seniors in their lives, they are still raising their children or may have a special needs child who needs daily care too. The boomer generation has a lot of responsibility!

If you have a story about your life as a Caregiver that you'd like to share with this Global Community, please submit it to us via facebook email. We will post it so everyone can read and learn from you. If you have tips, helpful ideas when Caregiving, solutions for difficult circumstances and even a thought for the day, we encourage you to send them to us. We'd like to see you take an active role on this page and to feel welcome to do so. The learning curve is ongoing when dealing with healthcare issues. We can all benefit from your insights. 

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Carole Brecht
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