Wednesday, March 23, 2016

~A Caregiver's Attention To Detail~

I was reminded once again this past week how important it is to pay attention to details and small changes in someone's health you are caring for. Even if it seems "minor," it should be logged in a journal as a reference. Overtime, your journal will be your best friend. Writing something down is a great way to recall a moment or event in detail long after it happens. We may even believe we will remember everything, but it's impossible. Too much happens in a day, especially for someone who has a high level of care.

A Caregiver's job description is large and that includes creating a comfortable space, a pleasant atmosphere and to observe any changes - big or small. What may seem like a small change may in fact be critical for the person's overall health. Never shrug off or disregard anything out of the ordinary. If you note the changes along the way, it may be valuable information for a doctor or nurse or for the next Caregiver shift. You'll never look back with regret that you didn't keep a record. Your voice and opinion matters!

If you have a disagreement with a family member how your loved one is managing under your care and you can't resolve it, if it were me, I'd be calling the doctor's office to make the report and then ask how to be advised. Ultimately, if you are a primary or part time Caregiver, you have a responsibility to track someone's decline or progress, and report this to the appropriate party. I would never encourage you to go behind someone's back to make a report, but if you feel in your gut this is a concern, I would then take action. Our gut feeling usually signals us for a reason. Pay attention to your cues and then follow through. 

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and warmer weather. It feels so good to be outdoors again, that is for sure! Happy Spring! 

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