Sunday, February 8, 2015

Boomerang Children

Have your children moved out only to return home again, indefinitely, or for an extended period of time? Did you have a discussion with your child prior to their moving back home or did it happen quickly?

This is a common situation in our world today. Due to the high cost of living and college loans skyrocketing, it's not a cinch to graduate from college and move out on your own or skip college and secure a high paying job to support yourself.

Two of my four children moved back home after they moved out. One stayed for a year and the other three years. While living with adult children, there must be an understanding of "house rules" in order to live together peacefully. A conversation about maintaining privacy, paying rent and what is required of them for upkeep will make a good transition and ideally should take place before the move happens. If you have a blended family and have step children, how will you feel if one of your step children moves back home? What has your experience been like?

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