Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Sail Away"

I look at this "boat" image and it makes me think of "sailing away" to get away from it all. Some days it just feels like everything is closing in. When I am feeling under pressure, I am extra aware how I react to things and what words I use when speaking. I strive to be thoughtful when I respond to others. It's too easy to say something in the heat of the moment or to have an attitude and then to live with the regret of saying something that was insensitive or negative. 

When caring for your children or elders in your life (or both), the demands can be great. We try our hardest to meet everyone's needs. The day seems nonstop and when the weekend comes, it's over before we know it. Life is riddled with the ebbs and flow of joy, sadness, happiness, anger, insensitivity and a number of emotions that can mislead us to say or to do something that is not the best option. We're all human. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. 

If you're a Caregiver for someone who has a chronic illness, is nearing the end of life, have a child who is mentally and/or physically challenged or an array of maladies, and you are being relied upon, take heart and know that you have everything it takes to make it to the next day. When it comes, it's another brand new beginning!

When you look at the above image, how does it make you feel and what does it make you think about?

Best Wishes,
Carole Brecht
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  1. Carole, you've described so clearly the ebb and flow of the caregiving experience. In this picture of Jan's, I see the wind pushing me towards calmer waters. Often wishful thinking, where caregiving is concerned. :)

    1. Judith, Thank you for your comments. I know so well the caregiver experience. I've been living that life for the last several years. I like how you describe Jan's art. And your last line, I so relate to that!