Sunday, February 8, 2015

Building Good Relationships

When my parents moved to an assisted living complex, I made good friends with the staff and got to know the aides. I wanted everyone to know who my family was so that when we needed to call on any of the staff, we had established good relationships.

It's important to understand the facilities rules and regulations.This can save a lot of time in a crunch, when you need immediate attention, whether you are dealing with a hospital staff, a nursing home, a permanent residence or some place temporarily.

When you're visiting with your loved one anywhere, other than a permanent residence, it's a good idea from the time of your arrival that you seek out the nurse in charge, introduce yourself and ask her to bring you up to date. Building solid relationships at a doctor's office, a hospital, nursing home and any other place where you loved one is residing is not only a good idea, you will know who to call on in your time of need, especially if you are the patient's advocate. If you have been going through this experience, being in charge, making critical decisions, what has your experience been like?

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