Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sunsplosion - When Dawn Breaks

Let the sun shine in!

When dawn breaks and you're waking up, contemplating the day, where does your mind wander? Do you pick up your cell phone and check messages and newsfeeds? Are you fretting about the day ahead? Is your body tense thinking about what you need to accomplish during your day? Is the news on, filling your mind with the horrible things that are going on in the world?

I make it a point to allow myself 30-45 minutes for "me time" when I wake up. I may read or practice my handwriting. Sometimes I create Zentangle art and sometimes I like to just rest. It varies from day to day. I  savor my early mornings. Rarely do I jump up and get going. When that happens, I usually feel rushed the rest of the day.

We all do better when we give ourselves some time to "just be" when awakening. Sometimes I rest and listen to my breathing. It's also the time I give thanks for having another day to fulfill my purpose.

One of the things I'm struggling with currently is eating a nutritional dinner. There was a time I used to cook dinner on a regular basis, but no more. I'm not home for dinner five days a week. This is a new schedule for the last few months, and I am still dealing with eating on the go. I'm either eating a bowl of cereal, making peanut butter bread or eating a handful of nuts and then end up snacking throughout the night. My poor choices don't satisfy my hunger and this habit I've developed does not energize me either. This week I intend to change this bad habit and to plan ahead so I can stop this insanity!

How do you start your day? Do you need to make some changes in your morning so you can approach your day in a calm manner? When dawn breaks, your eyes open and your mind starts racing, take a deep breath and exhale. Set the tone for a day worth living. 

Best Wishes,
Carole Brecht
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  1. What a difference a day can take when you give yourself some breathing room in the morning. A great time to take some "me time" and set the tone for the day!